Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week 2: Hello, Gourdgeous!

Good Day, All!  Here is this week's ArtFull Moment. So far, comments have been:

From Betty in NY:
Love it! 
If you make divination cards, I will definitely buy them!
Yes, I would love to make divination cards.  My preferred way way to this result would be to find a publisher, because a publisher would already have a customer base and distribution.  So I am putting it "out there"... stationery publishers, hurry!  Also putting it into the job jar.  Any ideas, anyone?
From Virginia in AZ:
Good Morning Emmie!  I'm in the moment because of your email,
thank you.  Fabulous!
Have a wonderful day...because you deserve it...
Many thanks to Virginia for her comment.  It gives me a new marketing for the ArtFull Moment laminated magnetic prints "Live in the Moment, ArtFully...ArtFull Moments".

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