Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hello, all.  At long last, I am getting around to setting up a blog for ArtFull Moments messages and Estrella Fine Art. Eventually, the blog will be located on  the site, but for now, this is it.  I wanted a worthwhile purpose for this blog.  I so enjoy the responses I receive from my friends new and old who subscribe to the ArtFull Moments Wednesday messages.  Then I realized that with this blog, I could share those comments with everyone.   I still have to get the hang of this, but look!  I managed to get the Join our Email List button on here!

This week's ArtFull Moment "Reclaim" brought lovely responses from Lika Tov "especially like" and Diane Arnold,  "Emmie, another great one, I love it". Here it is:

About this Week's ArtFull Moment:  "Reclaim"
It's never too late to reclaim your dreams.  Even after you have been on a tangent for years, you can return to your calling.   So reclaim, renew, and rejoin.  May this time around be better than ever!  Be well!   With gratitude and blessings,  Emmie
Friends, I will try my best to keep this blog up to date each week.  Thank you for tuning in.  As always, I love to hear from you.  Emmie

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