Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ArtFull Moment for December 15, 2010 "Time"

About this Week's ArtFull Moment:  "Time"
So much in life is really beyond our reach, beyond our grasp.  Yet we continue to reach and to grasp.  So much better to huggle someone.  And if these moments, too, are fleeting, repeat as needed.   With gratitude and blessings,  Emmie
Comments so far from Betty in Saranac Lake, NY: "Perfect!"
From Virginia in Scottsdale: "Love the message...makes my day.  Thank you!"
Ann in Scottsdale had this amazing comment:
Another lovely picture.  There is something about the color and design choices that you use that work together to delight the eyes.  You are an artist in every sense of the word.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gentle - ArtFull Moment for December 8, 2010

About this Week's ArtFull Moment:  "Gentle"
So many of us push, push, push ourselves, our bodies, our minds.  It seems no matter how much we do, there is even more to do.  The holidays bring even more pressure to DO.   In this week's Moment, please find permission or a reminder to relax in the midst of all this doing.  Please be especially kind to your body, and give it the rest and nurturing it needs, even if it means that some thing does not get done! With gratitude and blessings,  Emmie
Hello again!  Wow, this week's Moment really touched lots of people.
Ann in Scottsdale wrote:
Loved the picture and you are so right with your advice for slowing down and taking care of the body.  I didn’t and it landed me in the hospital right before Thanksgiving.  … I am trying to do a better job of taking care of me now.  I think I will keep your beautiful, restful picture up just to remind me to slow down.

Larry from Indianapolis said "Great scene Em"

Michael from Tonto Basin (near where the shot was taken of Roosevelt Lake in AZ) says "What a beautiful shot!"

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here is the aArtFull Moment for December 1, 2010.   That's the moon in the top center of this shot.   I explained in the Artfull Moment email:
This week's Moment is a gentle reminder about one of life's best moments, coming home.  We get to do this often throughout our lives and even at the end of life.  May you cherish every homecoming.
Deb from Colorado says, "This is a scrumptuous photo!!! Thank you for sharing it!
Ginger from Payson, AZ says "THAT PHOTO ROCKS!"

Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 3: Gain (Our Thanksgiving ArtFull Moment)

This ArtFull Moment of November 24 was not so much about the gaining of pounds and ounces  due to turkey & trimmings.  Here's what I said about it in the email:
I've been planning to release this week's Moment for some time, unsure about the best time.  I am sure to many it will seem absurd.  I file this one under "Things the Depression/Recession is teaching me".  If I accept a little less for something I sell, or a bit less for my time than I think my time should be "Worth", then I simultaneously make it possible for someone else to gain while I, too gain more than I would have otherwise.  This has a ripple effect, like any act of kindness or compassion. I also realized that what I "need" to make or "should" make in profit margin, or what my work or time is "worth" is quite a subjective number.    But that's a Moment for some other time, probably to be titled "Enough".
The responses were amazingly positive!
Betty from NY said: "Hmm...a message straight from God to my heart..."
Karen from NV said: "One of the key tenets in Myofascial Release is "Less is More"."
Lika from Israel said: "Very beautiful.  Thank you".
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week 2: Hello, Gourdgeous!

Good Day, All!  Here is this week's ArtFull Moment. So far, comments have been:

From Betty in NY:
Love it! 
If you make divination cards, I will definitely buy them!
Yes, I would love to make divination cards.  My preferred way way to this result would be to find a publisher, because a publisher would already have a customer base and distribution.  So I am putting it "out there"... stationery publishers, hurry!  Also putting it into the job jar.  Any ideas, anyone?
From Virginia in AZ:
Good Morning Emmie!  I'm in the moment because of your email,
thank you.  Fabulous!
Have a wonderful day...because you deserve it...
Many thanks to Virginia for her comment.  It gives me a new marketing for the ArtFull Moment laminated magnetic prints "Live in the Moment, ArtFully...ArtFull Moments".

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hello, all.  At long last, I am getting around to setting up a blog for ArtFull Moments messages and Estrella Fine Art. Eventually, the blog will be located on  the site, but for now, this is it.  I wanted a worthwhile purpose for this blog.  I so enjoy the responses I receive from my friends new and old who subscribe to the ArtFull Moments Wednesday messages.  Then I realized that with this blog, I could share those comments with everyone.   I still have to get the hang of this, but look!  I managed to get the Join our Email List button on here!

This week's ArtFull Moment "Reclaim" brought lovely responses from Lika Tov "especially like" and Diane Arnold,  "Emmie, another great one, I love it". Here it is:

About this Week's ArtFull Moment:  "Reclaim"
It's never too late to reclaim your dreams.  Even after you have been on a tangent for years, you can return to your calling.   So reclaim, renew, and rejoin.  May this time around be better than ever!  Be well!   With gratitude and blessings,  Emmie
Friends, I will try my best to keep this blog up to date each week.  Thank you for tuning in.  As always, I love to hear from you.  Emmie