Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Hi All!  Medium news to report this week along with this week's ArtFull Moment message about the promises of spring (see link above).  I have begun work on a new website dedicated to Artfull moments where you will be able to buy them as 18 x 24 or 22 x 28 prints, reasonably priced, unframed or framed.  Will let you know more as we make progress.

Also, I decided to hold over the ongoing ArtFull Moments Show & Sale at Estrella Fine Art through April 15 instead of APril 2.  This includes the 25% off prices on 40  fine art quality giclees with archival framing.  Here is a link to the virtual tour of the gallery and the show.  If you are local, it's well worth a detour to  see the show.  You will come away feeling great, with the positive messages of ArtFull Moments.  View Virtual Tour

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hi, all!  Above is a link to this week's ArtFull Moment, shown left.

The gallery is now beautiful, and people are loving the ArtFull Moments Show & Sale, continuing through April 2. Prices are all 25% off for the duration, with framed pieces as low as $59.00, up to $397.00 for 16" x 22" giclees framed out to 24" x 30".

Here is a link to the virtual tour for the new gallery and the show

View Virtual Tour

Come one, come all!  Many thanks for all the praises and encouragement I have received for this work.

Emmie 3/10/2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ArtFull Moment March 2, 2011: Peas Be With You

Hi again, everyone.  I'm not just playing with food again in this week's ArtFull Moment.  I'm just looking for some levity while lightening the load.

It's still early morning, and already Virginia has responded :

"Beautiful show and done with great taste!  Love the message in "Peas"
so approbate for the times were living.  Thank you!"

Many thanks to all who came to the Opening of the ArtFull Moments show last Friday.  It means a lot to interrupt your routine to wish someone well.  You took the time, showed love, and showered my work with compliments.  Thank you.

We put so much time, hard physical work, and money into every show.  Over the 18 years I have been in the art business, I am warmed by considerateness of friends who come to the gallery and/or send good wishes. I also crash every after every show opening, wounded by general public apathy.  I suppose the push to create an astonishing and beautiful presentation is so great, it may be unrealistic to think that any turnout will ever seem like enough.  Yet, it seems that the general public, whoever they are, does attend many functions, just never any of mine.  For everyone who was too busy to bother to come, here is a virtual tour of the gallery.

View Virtual Tour

The show is much more powerful in person.  Free to look & enjoy.

I'm off now to regain my "Inner Peas."  Emmie