Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Potential" ArtFull Moment Message June 8, 2011

Wax and wane, Ebb and flow. Potential changes, too, you know."
About this Week's ArtFull Moment:  "Potential"
What a waste it is to mourn lost opportunity, or to waste one minute of wonder about whether we have achieved all we could. What if Potential itself is mutable? If we see that our Potential changes over time, and that all we can do is the best we can do for today...well, THUD! That was one big bag of baggage that just hit the floor, huh.

This sunset rose will bloom tomorrow. That is its potential.

Hello? Anybody out there? Have a great week!

From Virginia in Washington:
Hi Emmie, Wow what a message! I agree, we have to let stuff go and enjoy the moment. How did you capture that beautiful rose with the sliver of a moon? Fabulous!Virginia
Thanks, Virginia.  I was lucky there was just enough light left to catch this shot, puny moon and all.

I am so glad you like this idea.  Somehow, we believe that we have only one Potential, that it's given to us when we are young and we spend life trying to live up to it.  Must be part of that Puritan ethic so imbued in our culture.  I think we have many potent potentials, every day a new one.  The potential for this evening rose is to bloom the next day. But we are not the rose.  We are the gardeners.  The current potential is the only one that matters, because it's the only one we can do anything about. Wish I could have found a highly succinct way to say that.  Might come to me for a future Moment. Have a great week ! Emmie

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 ArtFull Moment Message "Play"

This week's Moment brings you wild & crazy color, courtesy of a Red Bird of Paradise plant, also called the Peacock Flower. Nothing shy about this caesalpinia pulcherrima. I hope you took some time to recreate yourself during Memorial Weekend.   Many of us are working harder & longer than ever.  It's easy to postpone play, whether it's the vigorous kind, or the relaxing kind.   I am guilty of that.  However, if I can dazzle you for a Moment, that's fun for me.  How did I do this week?  Emmie