Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year ! Yikes!

Here is the ArtFull Moment for January 5, 2011.  Sorry, I neglected to post the  weeks since December 15, 2010.  We had a bit of a shakeup here.  Just before Christmas, I got word that I would have to move my Estrella Fine Art gallery because new tenants  wanted the entire suite FAST!  In an effort to serenly accept the things I cannot change, etc., I am looking on this move as a blessing in disguise.  I will be going to an upstairs suite in the Papagno's Marble & Granite building a block away, on  76th Street, just north of the Greenway Hayden Loop.  The space is a bit larger than the present quarters, and will work well for shows and everyday display, too.  I want the move to be as fast as possible.  I was planning a show for ArtFull Moments for January 22, and I hope I can still hold it before the end of Bebruary.  Enough about me.  This week's Moment is all about embracing the new year and being Fabulous!  Enjoy

I hope this link works so you can see the December 22 ArtFull Moment, the entire message.  I am not sure how long the links last out there on Constant Contact, my email service.

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